Quantida Announces the Launch of Complete Data Management and Analytics for Growing, ​Small and Medium Businesses

Quantida is enterprise-scale data integration, infrastructure management and analytics

Boston, MA, July, 2020 - ​Quantida​ today announces the launch of its complete data management and analytics systems for fast-growing, small and medium businesses (SMBs). After honing their machine learning, natural language processing and analytics on dozens of small businesses for the past 20 years, Quantida is now making its services available to all companies.

Quantida complete data management gives fast-growing businesses with limited internal resources and experience a fully-managed data services outsource option from a team that knows their challenges and has solved their issues.

For several years, large companies have led the digital transformation curve and benefited from the efficiencies of enterprise data management. Large companies have the internal resources and knowledge needed, while small and midsize companies that could benefit the most from data management services do not have the time, experience or resources to manage these long-term projects.

Additionally, industries that do not focus on the digital technology space are often overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of data they create - customer transactions, marketing responses, employee records, medical research reports, insurance claims, invoices, doctor’s notes, resumes, surveys, contracts, policies, legal documents, social media, news events, marketing content and more.

With Quantida, companies whose primary line of business and expertise is outside of digital technology are able to benefit from the business optimization delivered by machine learning and natural language processing. Quantida’s experience and technologies make it easy for smaller companies that are typically not run as digital technology-first organizations to reap the rewards of complete data management and analytics. The company’s data science engineers have proven their systems on rapidly growing and changing industries and segments like healthcare, biotech, insurance and business operations for many years. Now they are launching this model to bring data efficiencies to a broader market of SMBs.

Quantida offers enterprise-scale data integration, infrastructure management and analytics. The data services include; data extraction, discovery, hygiene and enrichment. Analytics solutions cover; predictive modeling, decision support systems, cognitive analytics, risk assessment, bioinformatics and statistics, medical outcome tracking and financial reconciliation. Additional infrastructure management services include; cloud storage hosting and backup; infrastructure design, API management and full information technology (IT) administration and support.

About Quantida

Quantida is enterprise-scale data integration, infrastructure management and analytics.

We specialize in data-driven analytical solutions including; decision-support systems, predictive modeling, cognitive analytics, and risk assessments along with Big Data management for business optimization.


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