Amazing Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Platforms

Quantiplex AI

Our proprietary Quantiplex AI platform includes multiple processing components that allow us to train unique, custom models while benefiting from years of experience.

More than reading, seeing and watching - Quantiplex understands, explains and predicts.

Quantiplex has the versatility to use either custom trained environments or dozens of pre-trained models to maximize data integration and predictive modeling needs with the greatest accuracy, least cost and shortest time.

Quantiplex delivers:

  • Predictive modeling
  • Data driven insights
  • Cognitive analytics
  • Risk assessment

Quorum EDC NLP

Electronic data capture from any structured or unstructured, heterogeneous information source.

Quorum EDC uses natural language processing to discover, annotate and catalog data from disparate documents, repositories, and systems.

We can rapidly index and search through large collections of documents or metadata describing your texts, images, videos, recordings or business data.

This has included invoices, doctor’s notes, resumes, claims, surveys, applications, contracts, policies, records, legal documents, research literature, social media, news events, marketing content, customer interactions and more.

Together, these platforms are flexible foundation that allow us to create, manage and analyze an endless array of business needs.

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